What to Eat When in a Flare

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What to Eat When in a Flare When you have inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), and are in the middle of a flare, it is very important to avoid foods that may trigger additional symptoms and choose foods that are healing and nutritious. Watch and listen to learn more on dietary recommendations when in a flare.


00:00 when you have I be D a flair is never a 00:02 welcome guest figuring out what to eat 00:05 when you're having a flair 00:06 well that's no cakewalk either during a 00:12 flair you may find that certain foods or 00:14 drinks irritate your digestive tract and 00:17 trigger symptoms still it's important to 00:19 make sure you're getting the right 00:20 amount of nutrients to promote healing 00:22 stick with soft bland foods refined 00:25 grains such as sourdough potato bread 00:28 white pasta and white rice are 00:30 recommended as well as low fiber fruits 00:32 such as bananas and cantaloupe to get 00:35 your protein safe options are fish white 00:37 meat poultry lean cuts of pork soy eggs 00:40 and tofu fully cooked skinless 00:43 vegetables are also again some good 00:45 choices our asparagus tips and squash 00:48 [Music] 00:50 when your goal is getting back into 00:52 remission one strategy is avoiding 00:54 potential trigger foods trigger foods 00:56 may not necessarily cause inflammation 00:58 but they may cause you to have increased 01:00 cramping bloating and diarrhea they can 01:03 differ from person to person but here 01:04 are some usual suspects high in soluble 01:07 fiber foods like whole grains and raw 01:09 green veggies baked goods and sugary 01:11 sweets anything with lactose like milk 01:14 cheese and cream all that greasy fried 01:17 stuff the spicy stuff and of course 01:20 caffeine and alcohol which dehydrate 01:23 your system 01:26 speaking of dehydration make sure you're 01:29 drinking plenty of water at least eight 01:31 glasses a day during a flare don't skip 01:33 meals either you should be eating four 01:35 to six small meals per day cook simply 01:38 stick to methods like boiling grilling 01:40 steaming or poaching keeping a food 01:43 journal during a flare can help you 01:44 identify the foods that may be worsening 01:46 or improving your symptoms as always 01:49 remember that everyone's ideal diet is 01:51 different and you should work with your 01:52 doctor or dietitian to create a food 01:54 plan that's right for you


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