National Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC)

The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation was founded in 1967 with a mission to cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life for millions of children and adults in the United States affected by these diseases. The Foundation sponsors basic, translational, and clinical research, and educational programs for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, while providing supportive services to help patients and their families cope with these chronic intestinal diseases. The National Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC) is key in helping the Foundation achieve its mission.

NSAC overview

The NSAC, which includes researchers and healthcare providers, works in close partnership with the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation staff to advance the Foundation's mission. The NSAC Cabinet consists of the chairs and chairs of the NSAC subcommittees. The NSAC Cabinet (see members below) and the committees include physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, psychologists, social workers, dietitians, and scientists. The key roles and responsibilities of the NSAC include the following:


Research programs

NSAC members serve as advisers to the Foundation on the direction of research programs, scientific policy, and scientific priorities. For investigator-initiated research grants and proposals, the NSAC is responsible for reviewing all applications for scientific merit and relevance to IBD through a standing review committee mechanism. 

Education and support

NSAC members provide advice related to the direction and content of professional, patient, and caregiver education and support programs. For many of these initiatives, the NSAC participates in the development of programs. The NSAC is also involved with Foundation staff to assist with national, state, and local advocacy issues.

Stakeholder engagement

The NSAC encourages involvement with the Foundation among professionals to further its goals within the IBD community. Key areas include expanding engagement with diverse providers and with government and industry.

NSAC cabinet

Dr. Peter Higgins headshot
Brent Polk, MD
David Rubin, MD, Chair
Peter Higgins, MD, Chair-Elect
Brent Polk, MD, PhD, Immediate Past Chair

Research subcommittees

Grants Council

Clara Abraham
Theresa Pizarro
Clara Abraham, MD, Chair
Theresa Pizarro, PhD, Co-Chair

Senior Research Awards Committee

Asma Nusrat, MD
Terrence Barrett
Andrei Ivanov
Asma Nusrat, MD, Chair
Terrence Barrett, MD, Co-Chair
Andrei Ivanov, PHD, Co-Chair

Research Fellowship and Career Development Awards Committee

Tim Denning, PhD
Theresa Alenghat
Gretchen Diehl, PhD, Co-Chair
Jonathan Hansen
Tim Denning, PhD, Chair
Theresa Alenghat, VMD, PHD, Co-Chair
Gretchen Diehl, PhD, Co-Chair
Jonathan Hansen, MD, PHD, Co-Chair

Clinical Research Awards Committee

Jeremy Adler, MD
Laura Mackner, PhD
Jeremy Adler, MD, MSc, Chair
Laura Mackner, PhD, Co-Chair
Bharati Kochar, MD, Co-Chair
Litwin IBD Pioneers
Judy Cho, MD
Jeremiah Faith, PhD
Randy Longman, MD, PhD
Judy Cho, MD, Chair
Jeremiah Faith, PhD, Co-Chair
Randy Longman, MD, PhD, Co-Chair

Ad Hoc Conflict Review Committee

Declan McCole, PhD
Matthew Ciorba, MD
Declan McCole, PhD, Chair
Matthew Ciorba, MD, Co-Chair

Education and support subcommittees

Nurse & Advanced Practice Committee

Whitney Gray, APN
Whitney Gray, APN, Chair
Abigail Meyers, PA, Co-Chair

Professional Education Committee

Tina Ha, MD
Bincy Abraham, MD
Florian Rieder, MD
Tina Ha, MD, Chair
Bincy Abraham, MD, Co-Chair
Florian Rieder, MD, Co-Chair

REACH-IBD Committee

Ryan Ungaro, MD
Kelly Cushing, MD, Co-chair


Ryan Ungaro, MD, Co-Chair
Kelly Cushing, MD,
Co-Chair Elect

Patient Education Committee

Eugene Yen, MD
Harry Thomas, MD
Elisa Boden, MD
Eugene Yen, MD, MBA, Chair
Harry Thomas, MD, Co-Chair
Elisa Boden, MD, Co-Chair

Pediatric Affairs Committee

Traci jester, MD, RD
Jennifer Dotson, MD
Jennifer Strople, MD
Traci Jester, MD, RD, Chair
Jennifer Dotson, MD, Co-Chair
Jennifer Strople, MD, Co-Chair

Stakeholder engagement

Diversity & Inclusion

Dedrick Moulton, MD
Ruby Greywoode, MD
Kimberly Kearns, APN
Dedrick Moulton, MD, Chair
Ruby Greywoode, MD, Co-Chair
Kimberly Kearns, APN, Co-Chair

Government and Industry Affairs

Tom Ullman, MD
Angela Sandell, MD
Anish Patel, MD
Tom Ullman, MD, Chair
Angela Sandell, MD, Chair
Anish Patel, MD, Co-Chair

Professional Membership Committee

Gary Lichtenstein, MD
Ariel Jordan, MD
Ben Cohen, MD
Gary Lichtenstein, MD, Chair
Ariel Jordan, MD, Co-Chair
Ben Cohen, MD, Co-Chair

Liaisons from research networks

Clinical Research Alliance

Millie Long, MD
Raymond Cross, MD
Millie Long, MD, MPH, Co-Chair
Raymond Cross, MD, Co-Chair


Stacy Kahn, MD
Michael Rosen, MD
Stacy Kahn, MD, Co-Chair
Michael Rosen, MD, Co-Chair

Surgery Research Network 

Alessandro Fichera, MD
Samuel Eisenstein, MD


Alessandro Fichera, MD, Co-Chair
Samuel Eisenstein, MD, Co-Chair

IBD Plexus

James Lewis, MD
James Lewis, MD, Chief Scientist

IBD Qorus

Corey Siegel, MD
Gil Melmed, MD
Corey Siegel, MD, PI
Gil Melmed, MD, PI

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Journal

Sonia Friedman, MD
Fabio Cominelli, MD
Sonia Friedman, MD, Deputy Editor
Fabio Cominelli, MD, Editor

Crohn's & Colitis 360

Miguel Regueiro
Alan Moss, MD
Miguel Regueiro, MD, Editor in Chief
Alan Moss, MD, Deputy Editor

Women in IBD

Jami Kinnucan, MD
Lea Ann Chen, MD, Co-Chair
Jami Kinnucan, MD, Co-Chair