Power of Two

Do you need someone to talk with about inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? Join the Crohns & Colitis Foundation's Power of Two program, now with its own app powered by PeerStrong!

Power of Two is a support program that connects patients and caregivers facing challenges brought on by living with IBD. Using the app, you can securely connect with a peer supporter who has had similar experiences with IBD via calls, messages, and community posts. Our self matching process makes it easy to connect with someone who knows what you are going through! 


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Power of Two

How does peer support work?

Our peer supporters are Foundation-trained volunteers who can provide support to you at any time along your journey. If you are newly diagnosed, considering surgery, or a parent that needs support we have a peer supporter for you! 

Our peer supporters are not medical professionals and cannot provide medical or mental health advice—always check with your personal physician before taking any action regarding your health. All connections are made through the app to ensure that personal contact information is kept private. Power of Two peers and peer supporters can now securely connect through our app via:

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Community posts

How can I join Power of Two?

If you are seeking support and would like to be paired with one of our peer supporters, please download the app from the app store, select IBD (Crohn's & Colitis Foundation) from the dropdown menu, create your profile, and self-match with a peer supporter of your choice! 

Download the app today:


Peers without a smartphone who would like to participate in the program can contact [email protected] to be paired with a peer supporter through phone call connections.

IBD patients and caregivers ages 10-17 will be able to participate in phone call connections with parental consent. Please have your parent or guardian contact [email protected] for further information.

This resource is provided through a sponsorship by Takeda toward COVID-19 support programs for the IBD community.